Top 10 Best Teardrop Trailers Under $25,000

If you’re a regular reader of our articles and can brush past the insane tangents and constant references to Star Wars, then you’ll know how much we love small travel trailers here at Van Clan. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an off road trailer, a luxury trailer, an electric trailer, or an expanding trailer, if it’s a towable tiny home then we’re all ears! It’s always hard to pick a favourite (although we gave it a good go in this Best Camper Trailers article!), but there’s always one defining factor that we can agree on – the Teardrop Trailer travelling home always reigns supreme, which is why we’re giving you a list of the Best Teardrop Trailers under $25’000!

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Before we kick off, let’s just take a minute to look at why Trailer Life is so appealing. Just like Van Life and Truck Life, these affordable tiny homes provide that ability to get off grid at a moments notice and a sense of freedom that we all crave (some more than others – check out this insane off grid adventure to see what I’m talking about!). Unlike their bigger brothers and sisters, teardrop trailers are much more compact, easy to store, and they can be pulled by your existing vehicles, making them a great option if you have a lower income or just don’t have space for two vehicles.

We’ve covered lots of different trailers over the years, but the Teardrop Trailer is one of those iconic designs from camping history, just like the Airstream Trailer or the Volkswagen Bus Camper. The best teardrop trailers are the ones that stick in your mind for days after you’ve seen them, so prepare to get brain ache as we dive into some of the best teardrop trailers in the world!

1. Timberleaf Pika – $11’750

Timberleaf pika trailer in a desert.

I don’t deny that I’ve shown this trailer a lot of love over the years, but for me it’s an obvious contender for our 10 best teardrop trailers article. The Timberleaf Pika is a perfect example of how much you can cram into such a small space without it appearing cluttered or thrown together. This tiny eco house weighs in at 1025lbs, making it one of the lightest trailers on the market, and it’s one of the most well thought out designs we’ve ever seen in a compact camper too!

inside the timber leaf trailer

Named after a brave breed of mountain rabbit and not the famous electric mouse that we’ve all caught in a Poke Ball at some point in our lives, the Pika is a great option for anyone wanting to get off grid on a budget. But don’t let this Tiny Trailer fool you; it might be lightweight, but it’s got more tricks up its sleeve than The Punisher in a bar fight.

Timberleaf kitchen area

Each Timberleaf Pika features a Timbren Axleless suspension system with a 4″ lift to keep that chassis off the ground, rock armour (that’s armour to aid stability, not armour built by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson), and 33″ BFG All-Terrain tires. You might be wondering why a tiny trailer needs Big Friendly Giant tyres; search for the answer, I don’t want to be the one to disappoint you. The pika also has electric brakes and a Max Coupler articulating hitch. In short, you can take the first camper in our best teardrop trailers list anywhere your heart desires, probably even to see the Pika’s on the side of the nearest mountain! Check out our full-length article on the Timberleaf Pika off grid trailer for more details.

2. TAG Teardrop Trailer – $22’000

Yellow Tag Teardrop camper

The second off road camper in our Best Teardrop Trailers list is based more on the classic shape that you know and love. The Tag Teardrop Camper from nuCamp combines rugged off road capabilities with a comfortable and practical living area for those times that you want to relax after a hard days hiking or adventuring through the wilderness. At 116-inches long and 60-inches wide this teardrop camper certainly comes under the heading of a small travel trailer, but it’s more than well enough equipped for any expedition.

Featuring a queen size bed and nifty outdoor cooking area that can be used in any space, the TAG Teardrop Trailer is perfect for the couple who love getting off grid. If you’re a small family then you might struggle, unless you grab one of our best rooftop tents for the top of your car to add extra sleeping space!

Best teardrop trailers - lovely cosy bed inside the tag camper

This Teardrop comes in two different models. ‘The Boondock’ off grid package comes with aggressive off road tyres (they don’t bite, they’re just gnarly!) and a pitched heavy duty axle. It also has electric brakes, and diamond plated fenders for increased durability. If you prefer glamping over extreme camping, then the dainty Sofitel package with extra windows and fewer side decals could be the trailer for you. Head over to the nuCamp website for more details!

3. Mink Camper – $17’000

Mini trailer with wifi

If you’re a digital nomad who likes to work on the go, then this next teardrop camper is kitted out with everything that you need for living off grid. For starters, it has its own inbuilt WiFi, which means no more messing around in fast food restaurant carparks or sponging off a neighbours internet. The Mink Camper might be the smallest camper on our best teardrop trailers list, but it’s also one of the most hi-tech! Inside the trailer, you’ll find a Webasto heating system, some cleverly placed LED lighting, and x2 USB charging points for keeping your gadgets charged on the go. If you like to party with the bears and racoons, then the Mink Camper comes with a BOSE sound built into the sleeping area and the outdoor kitchen! Get your groove on with your top cooking accessories!

best teardrop trailers - mini trailer has amazing sky roof window

With a curved skylight, queen sized bed and spacious rear kitchen area that has plenty of storage for all of your tasty ingredients, the Mink Camper is a great little trailer for anyone who wants a lightweight camper packed full of features. There’s even a canvas bunk for a small child if you’re a new family too; I guess good things really do come in small packages! Sadly it doesn’t have any water storage onboard, so you might need to find a stream to fill up your camper shower! Check out our full-length article on this Tiny Trailer for more info!

4. Caretta 1500 – £9’495

White Caretta Teardrop trailer by a field

Type Teardrop Trailers into Google (or Ask Jeeves if you’re feeling nostalgic), and you’ll find, possibly the best URL other than the one for this article if you’re looking for the Best Teardrop Trailers in town. Teardrop Trailers sell…well you get the point, and their flagship model, the Caretta 1500, costs less than £10’000! (That’s around $12’000 for our American readers!)

Making the most of the Teardrops increased aerodynamic capabilities and sleek design, the Caretta 1500 boasts a wide living space with a 1500mm wide bed (I see a pattern forming here). Some features like awnings, heating, and roof racks are optional extras, which is a great way of keeping the costs down for anyone who wants a simple trailer to use in the summer months. The list of standard fixtures and fittings is very impressive though, with all-terrain tyres, a leisure battery, a coolbox and more being included as part of the price. The inside looks incredibly cosy once made up, and there is so much scope for customisation once you get to grips with your new camper! Give Teardrop Trailers a visit to find out more!

5. Vintage Overland Trailer – $15’000

Looking for all the world like a rugged military medic vehicle, this vintage overland trailer could well be one of the most adventure-proof tiny homes on our Best Teardrop Trailers list. Small enough to tow behind most vehicles but still large enough to store your inflatable Bluefin Paddleboards, this travelling tiny home has as much bite as the biggest adventure bus.

Best Teardrop Trailers - woman reading a book inside a brightly lit vintage overland trailer

With two rugged tyres and a spare for any sticky situations, this overlander is perfect for any trips off the beaten track, and is just as well suited to the rocky mountains as it a campsite in the Cotswolds (for any American readers, the Cotswolds is a posh ‘suburbia’ area where nothing happens except the odd bit of ‘milk thievery’). The classic aluminium kick strip design on the underplating adds both style and strength to the structure. And if you thought the outside was surprisingly cool, wait till you have seen the interior!

I didn’t think that it would be possible to transport the comfortable elements of a log cabin into a small travel trailer, but everything from the memory foam mattress to the twinkly LED lights makes me want to put down my laptop and crawl inside for a nap. It’s a hand-crafted work of art, and for $15’000 (that’s around £11’700), it’s also a steal! Check out our article on this Off Road Teardrop Camper for more details!

6. Escapod Trailer – $16’000

Best Teardrop Trailers - vibrantly coloured Escapod trailer

Next up on our Best Teardrop Trailers list is the Escapod Trailer, a compact camper that’s perfect for any budding weekend warrior who wants to try his or her hand at off grid living! The Escapod’s vibrant design hardly makes it a stealth camper, but this 3,500lb rated torsion axle trailer with is hand-welded USA steel frame skeleton doesn’t exaclty need to hide. It’s a mighty machine and perfect for hardy adventureres who live for escaping the 9-5 and getting back to good-old-fashioned living.

Each trailer that Escapod produces comes with an articulating trailer hitch for secure and easy attachment to your vehicle. They also boast a triple-redundant waterproofing and four-season insulation on all four sides of the camper, making them perfect for last-minute getaways at any time of year. The best teardrop trailers are the ones that are ready to go at a moments notice, and the Escapod certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Best Teardrop Trailers - Escapod trailer with kitchen open and bike on roof

Built with living off the grid in mind, this outdoor kitchen has everything that you need to whip up a tasty meal in the heart of nature. It’s even big enough to have space for a pot plant too; who said that our Best Travel Trailers weren’t homely! There’s also more hidden compartments and storage elements than we can count, with plenty of space for all of your adventure gear and belongings. Make sure to pack your travel hammock before you set off! Check out our full-length article on this Escapod Trailer for even more information!

7. The Polydrop Trailer – $12’000

Ever wondered what happened to the Pokemon ‘Polygon’ when the TV series ended? After much digging and careful research, we can confirm that it mated with a spaceship and made this insane looking camper! Now I know that you’re thinking ‘that doesn’t look like a teardrop trailer’, but as we said earlier, some of the best teardrop trailers are the ones that surprised you. With a side door hatch and a fold up kitchen accessed from the rear, the Polydrop trailer has all of the features of a conventional teardrop, just masked in a space-age escape pod!

Best Teardrop Trailers - futuristic sleeping pod inside the Polydrop Trailer

The 12-foot 4-inch long Polydrop trailer is the brainchild of Kyung-Htun Lew, an architectural designer with an obvious flair for the space age dramatic. He first created the trailer as a tiny towable study while he was still at university. (Check out this Nissan Camper for another example of an amazing mobile workspace!).

Kyung-Htun Lew’s design, which combines an aluminium chassis and a wood structure, comes in at 760 dry pounds, making it another exceptionally light trailer on our best teardrop trailers list. The Polydrop is pretty unique as there is only a limited number available right now. The initial price is set at $9’000, which will then increase to $13’000 once production cranks up a gear. Head over to the Polydrop website for more information on this space-age trailer!

8. Little Guy Mini Max – $22’890

Best Teardrop Trailers - Little Guy Mini Max black and white trailer.

At almost $23K, the Little Guy Mini Max is the most expensive camper on our best teardrop trailers list, but it’s also the biggest! All of our other trailers have been small and compact, and while the Mini Max isn’t a monster camper, it still has a whole host of fixtures and fittings that you just couldn’t fit in a smaller build.

A seamless fibreglass roof and a lightweight but rigid aluminium cage bring this camper in at just under 2000lbs. The Mini Max boasts a residential style wet room, A/C and a furnace, and can sleep two to three people, making it perfect for a small family who like long weekends in the country. You can upgrade your teardrop with a ‘Rough Rider’ package for extreme off-grid terrain adventures, as well as an extensive range of optional extras that you can include to soup up your trailer from the word go.

At 17.2 feet long, the Little Guy Mini Max is large enough to spend a week in the forest without any inconvenience, with the added bonus of having 20 litres of fresh water on board. Solar power can be added as an optional upgrade, but you could always get yourself a portable solar charger to keep any gadgets that you might want to take with you charged up on the go in the meantime. Head over to the Little Guy website more information on the Mini Max!

9. Bear Teardrop Trailers – $19’995

If you’re after a teardrop trailer that was made for insane adventures and the most uneven roads, then Bear Teardrop Trailers could well be on your list. These off-grid beasts can easily house two adults, a pack of dogs, and probably a bear or two for good measure (it’s in the name after all!). The powder coated steel frame and axle-less suspension are made to work under stressful conditions, so you can be rest assured that you won’t cause your tiny towable house any damage while out on the road.

Apart from being more rugged than Khal Drogo’s toothbrush, these teardrop trailers have a dedicated battery storage compartment to give your gadgets a green light even in the most remote locations. It’s light enough to be pulled by your day to day vehicle, or you could twin it with an existing camper for even more space.

Bear have earned a place in our Best Teardrop Trailers list by making a superb little camper that feels just at home being towed down a highway as it does trundling along mountain valleys. The larger models come with a bat awning to create shade no matter where you are, and judging by the size of those tyres that could literally be anywhere! Check out our article for more information!

10. Colorado Summit – $21’500

The last camper in our Best Teardrop Trailers list has a very interesting feature that none of the other trailers has – bunk beds. That’s right; the Colorado Summit weights 1630 pounds and has two child sized bunk beds and a sofa that pulls out into a bed for the adults. This tiny teardrop camper is perfect for all the family to enjoy the outdoors!

The Summit comprises of an anodized aluminium exterior and a wooden interior that is light and airy, creating a feeling of having much more space inside the living quarters. The Summit also uses the quintessential star-gazing window in the roof to flood the camper with natural light, and you’ll find LED lights in the living and kitchen areas for use at night.

Colorado’s Best Teardrop Trailers have a fully stocked kitchen with fridge, sink and hob, which is accessed from the outside in true teardrop style. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this family camper is safest on the campsite though. The 18″ of wheel clearance means that you’ll hardly notice the Summit when you’re driving over potholes or across those sandy dunes. Head over to to the Colorado website for more info!

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