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This Airstream Camper Is Built Inside Of A Stealth Mercedes Sprinter

If I asked you to ‘describe an Airstream Camper’ then you’d probably go for the classic shape that we all know and love, or maybe the new Airstream Basecamp Trailer if you’ve been swotting up on your Van Clan articles. You probably wouldn’t start describing mercedes sprinter conversions or an interstate luxury dream ride (sorry, we’re getting […]

Outside Van Have Created The Mercedes Sprinter Of Your Dreams

Outside Van is a company from Portland that specializes in offering high-quality van conversion services. What they do is they take vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter van, and they will make it one of the coolest camping vehicles ever created. They will overhaul the interior based on your needs. At the same time, you can […]

The Best Renault Trafic Camper Has Its Own Cinema

The Renault Trafic Camper may not be the name you first think of when somebody says “camper van”, but the latest pimped van by a German conversion company called Kompanja, may change your mind. The van life movement is forever growing, and so are adventurers budgets. They want luxury details, leather seats and… an outdoor […]

Meet The VW Camper Built For Big Spenders And Bigger Weekends

The VW Camper is without doubt one of the most popular campervans here in the EU. Its size is perfect for getting around the city at speed while at the same time being able to transform into a spacious “campsite” in minutes. It’s built for weekends, a trip to the beach, an evening camping under […]

Citroen Camper Van Puts The ‘Wild’ Back In WildCamp

Are you looking for the best campervan conversions that carries a sense of nostalgia? Maybe you’re wanting the iconic look of a retro Volkswagen Bus but with more of a modern twist, or perhaps you want something that oozes cool but still has all of the mechanics of a new vehicle that won’t let you […]

Nissan Has Revealed Two New Pop Up Electric Campers

Some of us love stealth campers, others VW’s transporter range, but now there’s a category to love called the pop up electric campers. That’s right, Nissan has recently revealed not one, but two new electric campers built for customers who don’t want to do a van conversion themselves and customers who don’t have £50,000 to […]

Top Eco Campers That Are Making Vanlife Greener

Here at Van Clan we’re conscious about the environment. We recycle, we don’t use tonnes of plastic, and we certainly keep a ‘leave no trace’ policy when we’re out and about on our travels. Being green is something that comes natural to Vandwellers, but what if you want to go that step further and make your […]

This Could Be The Perfect VW T2 Volkswagen Bus Camper

It’s no secret how we feel about the almighty Volkswagen Bus Camper here at Van Clan. We’re not sure whether its the look, the way that they drive, the iconic history that surrounds them, or all three of those points put together that makes us drool when one goes past. What we do know is […]

The Ford Transit Camper Of Your Dreams

When it comes to camper conversions Mercedes Sprinters usually take all of the glory. Everyone seems to forget about the poor old Ford Transit, but that’s all about to change. This Ford Transit Camper from @fitetravels will completely blow you away! Lets take a look! The Ford Transit Camper Of Your Dreams Meet The Fite […]

15 Best Camper Vans of 2023 for the Adventurous

Today we’re going to be looking at the top camper vans on the market. Each of these tiny homes would make the perfect adventure bus for you next off grid adventure but working out which one is best is a process individual to each person. It’s essential to spend time thinking about what you need […]

Could The Volkswagen California XXL Be The Ultimate Camper?

It’s no secret that we love a good VW here at Van Clan (and we’re pretty sure that you do too). So we think that it’s time that we asked you all something that’s been on our minds for a while now – could the Volkswagen California XXL could be the ultimate camper? Jurys out; the […]

Meet The Blacked Out Minimalist Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper

Minimalism is anything but boring. Keeping things simple makes for less confusion and clutter, which means that you can head out on an adventure without excess baggage weighing you down. This Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper has everything you could ever need for a gnarly off road trip, and the wizards over at Hartmann Tuning have seriously worked […]

Take A Peak Inside A Futuristic Custom VW T6 Camper

We had the privilege of taking a look at this VW T6 camper at The Camper Show in Birmingham, UK on Thursday, and lucky for us there was a number of very tidy campers on show, but one that really stood out for us was this incredible short-wheel-based VW T6 camper modified by Danbury MotorCaravans. It’s a […]

Meet The King Of All Sprinter Conversions – The Mercedes Benz Sawtooth

So just when we think we’ve finally written everything on how cool Sprinter Conversions can be, we get a picture of The Mercedes Benz Sawtooth converted by RB Components in our inbox. After staring at it wide eyed for an hour like kids in a sweet shop, we threw out the rulebook and decided to […]

Mercedes Just Revealed Its All-New Electric 2018 Sprinter

After 12 years the 3rd generation of the Mercedes Sprinter is finally here, designed to advance delivery solutions using technology or, as we like to see it, a much more hi-tech camper conversion! They are offering a wide number of body, chassis and seating options allowing you to really customise your ride, admittedly this is mainly […]

Meet The Worlds First All Electric Campervan The Dalbury E Electric

Electric campervan warriors of the world unite! We’ve got a great little van to show you today, and theres an added bonus that we think will be right up your street. Thats right, this is the worlds first all Electric Campervan. With 80% quick charge in just 30 minutes and at a running cost of […]

Meet The Beauer Camper That Can Triple Its Size In Just 20 Seconds

Campers come in all shapes and sizes. This is a solid fact, and one that’s applicable to all vehicles. So don’t try to tell us that you can now get a camper van that can be lots of different sizes at once, because we’re not going to fall for something that ridicul…..oh…..erm….our mistake. From Tin […]

Mercedes Camper Van Revealed Called The Off-Grid “X Class”

If I asked you to name an automative brand that signifies style and class, chances are you’d answer with ‘Mercedes-Benz’. But you wouldn’t associate Merc with getting muddy and rip-roaring though mountains, would you? Enter the Mercedes-Benz X Class Camper Pickup; glamping with attitude. Checking Out The Mercedes-Benz X Class Camper Pickup Vanlife is a global trend that […]

The Knaus Deseo 400 TR Is A Camper From The Future With Style

No, it’s not come straight out of the new Star Wars movie, but I think you’ll agree that it looks pretty out of this world! The Knaus Deseo 400 TR combines all the comforts of a luxury camper with the portability that you get from an attachable trailer. It’s stylish, it’s full of gadgets, and it’s […]

Meet The Mercedes Camper Inspired By The Classic VW Bus

So its safe to say that we all like classic VW Campers. They’re timeless, they’re iconic, and they look freaking awesome. As classic motor fans, we always love a blast from the past, and this lovingly restored Mercedes Camper has blown our minds! Talking of iconic and timeless, the Mercedes 319 Van has a lot of […]

10 Best Truck Campers For Off Road Exploration

If you’re thinking about getting off the grid and exploring the wilderness, then you’re probably spending a lot of time considering which are the best truck campers on the market. Off road trucks don’t just come in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ category. True, most of them are beastly and a force to be reckoned with, but there […]

Five Best Sportsmobile Campers For The Adventurous

Sportsmobile Campers are camper conversion pioneers who have been in business since 1961. Their first campervan conversions were inside the classic VW bus, and their tiny homes have since been enjoyed by generations of those who enjoy van life travel. Fast forward almost sixty years, and Sportsmobile now have a range of vans available, including […]

There’s A Custom ‘Back to the Future’ Themed VW Bus

We all love a good custom VW bus, be it a pub in a dub, a shorty bus or even a well designed off-road T3. And now another one to add to our list is this remarkable Back to the Future themed 1967 VW Bus. You’re most likely thinking “this looks nothing like the DeLorean!” but that’s the whole […]

The Knaus Boxdrive CUV Is The Camper Of Our Dreams

Camper Van makers are always looking to evolve their product, to give them catchy names and reinvent their products so that we can get the most out of our off grid experiences – some of you found this out first hand with the much loved/much loathed VW I.D Buzz in a previous article! Now Knaus are […]

Citroen Reveals New ‘Rip Curl’ Campervan

The van life has inspired thousands of people to live on the road and big names such as Fiat and Citroen are slowly starting to realise that people want more than just a car, they want a weekend van that they can travel comfortably in and sleep peacefully in for a night or 10. After […]

Mercedes Reveals Its New ‘Westfalia’ Campervan

Mercedes have a light background with campers, their Mercedes Sprinters are well known for being some of the best off-grid homes you can get your hands on, but they are also known for being darn expensive, so Mercedes have revealed a more affordable, smaller hybrid called the Marco Polo Horizon. It was revealed in January of […]

Bliss Mobil Camper Is The Off Road Rig Of Your Dreams

The Bliss Mobil is one of the most epic expedition overlanders that we have ever seen. If you’re looking for a monster camper with all of the van life essentials (and way more), including everything you need for living off grid, then this is the truck for you. The Bliss Mobil takes off road campers […]

The New 4X4 Exhibition Fiat Ducato Camper Looks Unreal

When you think “Camper Van”, you probably don’t think of the Fiat Ducato Camper right? Well, that could be about to change. Earlier in 2017 Fiat announced this incredible masterpiece, the Fiat Ducato Exhibition, a 4×4 monster camper built for the mountains and crafted for real adventurers.  Here at Van Clan, we’ve seen this awesome Mercedes Sprinter […]

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